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    Iv been having a real headache recently thanks to some pleasant, kind, selfless and lovely people from china (there counterfeit websites originate from china if you check the whois information) who are scraping every sentence and meta description from my site and posting it on hacked sites.. literally thousands of different hacked sites. There plan is to simply show google bot tons of random content whilst redirecting real visitors to a counterfeit website (usually if you go to google cache version you will see what they are displaying to google.. these guys will only show google bot content whereas redirect visitors)

    With my site every single sentence is being ripped and mashed together with other sentences and posted on thousands of hacked sites. Currently I have dropped rankings for quite a few new posts as seemingly google relates the content sentences as being spam thanks to the **** who scraped it. This is all having a really bad negative effect on my seo.

    So it seems these hackers/spammers are not bothering ranking there own sites they just wish to litter the search results with thousands of redirects to there counterfeit websites in hope that some traffic converts… and by looks things they are doing it on a massive scale and if you actually look at any search results for any keyword and go a few pages in you will find that you will find half a dozen of these hacked sites doing this 301 redirect trick and suing mashed up sentences stolen from together peoples sites so it is unfortunately working for these greedy pigs.

    Oh and by the way technical name for mashing up sentences together is actually referred to as content stitching.

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    This is happening to my site… all the sentences from my site have been scraped and mashed together with others on hidden hacked pages thousands and thousands of times. If you search any sentences from my site you will find thousands of results. Like you said if you go to the Google cache version of the hacked page you will be shown what googlebot sees (the non redirect version)… you content bascally plastered and mashed all in a great spammy heap with other irrelevant content and links to ugg boots websites and such.

    Unfortunately once you get on their site lists of scrapers they will continually scrape you site forever and if google comes across there spam first (which by the way is possible through the amount of spamming and scale of which they do this) you are in big trouble.

    Its a numbers game for these spammers because by looks at the serps you will find hacked pages for any random search nowadays a couple pages down the line and eventually they drive traffic and some fools buy off them…. its because they do it at such a large scale.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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