Google mind control


Google has recently published a research paper about using facts to help rank sites this basically means the end of opinions which do not meet Google guidelines! Google says one of its aims is to eliminate “popular” gossip websites that often do not tell the whole truth or websites that are spreading false information such as celebrity gossip websites or information websites. However this seems like a lot of effort to censor just false information found on sites that have high page rank and people obviously like them regardless of the information on them (as you would think that Google’s current system of ranking sites based upon links would mean truthful and honest websites that internet users find helpful would get more links to usefulness rubbish…) which makes you think that Google actually intends to censor websites based upon more than just black and white facts!

As you may already know if people cannot find your website on a search engine you are basically non existent on the internet and because Google has a massive 80% market share if you got something to say and want people to actually find and read what you have to say you have to be on Google! However Google’s recent research article about ranking sites based upon facts by cross checking facts extracted from a website with facts that they know are to be true in their self created knowledge base could spell the end of all websites Google disagrees with and doesn’t want being seen by its users (its users being the vast majority of the internet). If Google deems that your site is not telling the truth Google will penalize your site.. it is as simple as that. With Google’s monopoly on internet search (the internet being the biggest source of information in the world) it would appear Google wishes to control what is true and what is not… a power that should not be granted to ANY COMPANY as the consequences would be the ability of mind control! The Google knowledge base gathers it facts from Google’s own research and input as well as from websites such as Wikipedia and other sites Google deems trustworthy it would not be that hard for Google to add political and religious agendas to the database allowing Google to easily censor websites that do not go by the cult rules of Google. This will cause the internet to become very stagnant and even wreck the choice of opinions available on the internet as everyone tries to strive at writing facts and opinions similar to that found on the knowledge base meaning goodbye freedom of speech and goodbye choice! This will happen as Google already penalizes sites that do not abide by its rules and Google has ruined so many peoples businesses and livelihoods. Many websites owners already desperately fear of upsetting Google and fear that there businesses will be gone if they intentionally or unintentionally do something that Google does not like so going along with promoting facts or opinions that Google likes and not writing about stuff that Google does not like is very likely indeed!

Google is evil.

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