The last time I was here blogging on EditorUnleashed was quite a while ago now, in fact it has been over 4 years ago now. In those 4 years the domain dropped and spammers took over EditorUnleashed posting a whole load of spam ripped from Wikipedia and the spammers were spamming about “creative writing” services of all things.

I have manged to get my the domain back and I am eager to start posting however thanks to the spammers the domain has been marked as pure spam and has been deindxed by Google so that means that I will have to go through the whole process of filling a reconsideration request which could take sometime.. but needed if I am going to get search traffic!

Ps, I am currently setting up a new bbpress forum!

Update: I received a message back from Google… apparently my website is still violating Google “guidelines” and the reconsideration request has been declined. I don’t think the manual reviewers at Google actually read (or can read) the websites that they are meant to review and just press the decline button like robots with no thought for the individuals actually behind the sites they are effectively throwing in the trash can. Well its the last time im using Google that’s for sure!


  1. Hi Maria — so nice to see you back. I used to love your blog!

    As for me, I stopped blogging on Wordful some years ago, too. Still trying to figure out how to restart. Sometimes I get the inspiration but then it escapes me.

    Anyway, it seems you kept the Feedburner feed because I got an email from Editor Unleashed. I believe you will have no problem reconciling the domain back to its original unblemished state.

    Happy to have you back — I look forward to rejoining your community.

    —Charles B.

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