How to write a good essay

An essay has been defined as “prose composition with a focused subject of discussion”. In general, the first thing the author thinks about is the length of the essay than about its quality. The main secret of how to writing a good essay without making too much effort is keeping the main point. While writing the essay, one should keep the purpose of the essay in mind and will try to achieve it. There are no strict rules concerning the number and lengths of the essays. But it is necessary to keep in mind that long essays are very difficult to read and understand. If the essay is longer, try to make it sound complete. As a proverb “practice makes perfect”, nothing can make one to write a better essay than practice. To become a first-class writer, one should practice his writing skills.

The problem with most essay writers is their content may be disorganized. They may have great ideas and facts. But during writing they may start mixing up. The important thing the writer should do is to start writing with a good and solid outline. Once they have an outline done, the essay writes itself. The ideas are organized and anyone can easily understand the main point. The introduction must have a few sentences that lead into the main point of the essay. It should also have the statement of the thesis. It may contain any quotation or solid evidence. The following individual paragraphs should describe the statements mentioned in the thesis. Each statement must be described with the strongest evidence. The conclusion must consist of summarizing points of the essay. The thesis must be restated and briefly explain how the thesis are proved. After completing the essay, make sure to check the spelling and punctuation. These steps will make an effective essay.