Tips for writing a fiction book


Fiction book is the form of any informative work that deals with information or events that are imaginary and theoretical. Creativity is the most important thing in writing a fiction book. Imagination has no limits in writing a fiction book. Any idea can be excellent for writing a fiction. The author should get an idea that is plain and simple. No matter how stupid the idea may sound.

Someone will like that idea otherwise the author can change it a bit later on. Before the author gets at the details him himself ask a dozen of questions and answer them in that fiction book.

The author should not steal anyone's idea. Before starting writing, he should decide if it is a short story or novel and the pages or chapters. The author is required to write a rough draft. The fiction book needs to check for any spelling mistakes. It is the last chance for checking the mistakes before publishing.

Characters are the heart of every fiction book. Plot, setting, themes and every element of fiction is necessary to realistic characters. Readers connect with characters in fiction for any number of reasons. May be the character reminds them a little about themselves. Some characters feel like friends. Readers won’t care about characters unless they are believable. So characters that the author made should be realistic.

They should come with all the flaws, quirks and baggage that real people possess. They have pasts, personalities. Each character should have a life before the story. The author should include the physical description of the character in the book. The primary method of identifying each other is the way of looking. The names are chosen for the characters should match their personalities and the role. During revisions, the author can check the script against the requirements to ensure that the characters are consistent.