5 Questions: Andrew F. Gulli, The Strand Mystery Magazine


Andrew F. Gulli is the managing editor of The Strand Magazine. The Strand is a quarterly journal with a rich history you can read all about here. Here, Andrew answers 5 questions about breaking into this fine journal. Andrew will be visiting the Editor Unleashed forum for a live chat in February (details below).

1. What is The Strand looking for now, and are you open to submissions from unpublished writers?
We are, but it’s very important that we receive submissions from writers who are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Most of the time, I receive the following from new writers:

• Something that is a pastiche of a recognized writer.
• A short story that has nothing but shock value to offer.
• Writers who haven’t read the classics, which I think are the basis to learn how to write well.

2. What is your policy regarding simultaneous submissions?
We are fine with them. (ed. note: YA! )

3. Have you noticed any trends in the mystery genre recently? Any sub-genres on the rise?
The literary mystery and international mysteries gaining respect and popularity. I think some of the writers who have helped spur this on are Alexander McCall Smith, Donna Leon, and Andrea Camilleri. While the last two are probably not sold at Wal-Mart, I think at the end of the day these types of books will grow in popularity.

4. According to your website you also occasionally publish nonfiction. What sort of nonfiction are you looking for?
We’re interested in articles that relate to crime/mystery world. For example, we have published articles about Jack the Ripper, Vidocq the great criminal genius and detective, Inspector Morse.

5. Who are the upcoming writers to watch in the mystery genre?
I think Jason Pinter is a great talent. I also like Tom Robb Smith, the writing duo of Michael Stanley, and Jason Goodwin.

Here are The Strand’s Guidelines if you’re interested in submitting.

Mark your calendars: Andrew F. Gulli will be visiting the Editor Unleashed forum, Wednesday, February 18, 1:00 EST. You can post your questions ahead of time for him here (you have to be a registerd member of the forum to access. Go ahead it’s free).

-Maria Schneider


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