Twitter tips + 25 good follows for Freelancers


Freelance writers are an eclectic group including copywriters, magazine and newspaper journalists, online content specialists and more. So to follow up last week’s more bookish list of good Twitter follows here, I offer you this appropriately eclectic list of good follows for the freelance set.

First, if you’re wondering what to tweet about, here are 3 types of tweets that I’ve found work well:
1. Links to interesting blog posts with a brief description. It’s OK to tweet your own blog posts, but be sure to link to other blogs as well.
2. Answer questions, especially those you have some expertise in.
3. Ask questions that are relevant to your niche.

25 good Twitter follows for freelancers:

Freelance Writing and Journalism:
Jenny Cromie:
Samir Husni:
The Media is Dying:
Paul Conley:
Steven Roll:
Linda Formichelli:
Kurt Andersen:
Elizabeth Spiers:
Virginia Heffernan:
David Kirkpatrick:
Media Bistro:

Copywriting and Blogging Advice:
Darren Rowse:
Mike Stelzner:
Brian Clark:
Jonathan Fields:

Marketing and PR:
Valeria Maltoni:
Steve Rubel:
Kevin Dugan:
Dan Schawbel:
Penny Sansevieri:
Amber Naslund:
Jennifer Tribe:
Ann Handley:
Publishing Talk:
The Cadence Group:

I know there are many more good Twitter follows for freelancers. Please add them here in the comments!
And you can find me at:@mariaschneider.


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